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  1. Our quotation allows for treatment recommended by us and where specified only. If it is found whilst our work is in progress that other areas are affected or in need of timber replacement or plastering, an additional estimate or quotation would be submitted.


  1. We reserve the right to make any variation in design, construction or materials, should it become necessary, during the course of our treatment, without prior notice, but without lessening the design performance.


  1. Payment terms must be agreed, and our form of acceptance completed and returned to us prior to commencement of the work.


  1. Payment in full is due on completion of the work.


  1. For the safety of any occupants of the property or any other persons or pets on site, the property must be vacated whilst work is in progress and for one hour after completion. If work is to be carried out to a party wall, it is the client’s responsibility to obtain a party wall agreement prior to commencement of work.


  1. All areas to be treated must be clear of furniture, floor coverings and any other obstructions, before the commencement of work. If you require DW Force Solutions Ltd to move items of furniture, floor coverings, radiators, sink units, electrical fittings or to carry out any other preparations, this will be carried out under separate contract.  Although care will be taken, no allowance has been made for any repairs that may be found to be required to plumbing, electrical fittings, valves, appliances etc. if found to be defective at the time of moving or for damage caused to plumbing or electricity cables that cannot reasonably be seen whilst our work is in progress. Any items remaining in rooms to be treated, will be at the owner’s own risk.



  1. Client is to ensure that a supply of electricity and water is available.


  1. Our quotations includes the removal of rubbish and debris accumulated by us only.



  1. Removing wall plaster is disruptive and plastering is a wet trade and whilst all care will be taken, we accept no responsibility for any damage, blemishes or staining which may occur to decorations, polished floors, quarry tiles, floor covering, fitted carpets, drives, gardens etc., all of which must be protected by you, prior to the arrival of our operatives.


  1. We accept no responsibility for the renewal or repair of any ceiling cornices, mouldings, external plinths etc. which may be damaged or which may need to be remove during the course of certain treatments. Further quotations would be given for the renewal or repair of such items, if requested.


  1. Whilst care will be taken when removing skirting boards or joinery timbers, some damage may be unavoidable, particularly if they are decayed or fixed with large nails or screws. Should damage occur or decay is discovered, you will be informed and upon your request, we shall submit a further quotation to supply and fit new timbers to match existing as closely as possible.


  1. Because of the restricted preservative penetration to timbers which are painted or varnished, such timbers would not be covered under the terms of our guarantee, unless they be stripped of paintwork/varnish before the commencement of work.


  1. We accept no responsibility for any decayed timbers or wall plaster removed or replaced by others, if found to be defective at a later date.


  1. Damage caused to our damp proof membranes or structural waterproofing systems by a third party will invalidate our guarantee.


  1. Any redecoration must be delayed until such time that all residual moisture has dried out. Any wallpapering (including lining paper) should be delayed for a minimum of twelve months. Temporary redecoration such as two mist coats of matt ‘trade’ emulsion paint may be applied four weeks after completion of the plastering. Under no circumstances should paint containing vinyl be used as this would invalidate our guarantee.


  1. Our guarantee relating to work carried out will be issued on completion and final settlement of our account and will apply to treatment carried out by us, in accordance with our specification only. We reserve the right to withhold our guarantee if our terms and conditions are not adhered to.


  1. In addition to our recommendations, it is imperative that all building repairs specified by us, are carried out either by DW Force Solutions Ltd or your own contractor without delay. It is also your responsibility to keep the property well maintained and free from moisture ingress at all times. Failure to do so would invalidate the terms of our guarantee.


  1. Should we be called upon during the guarantee period to reinspect the premises you will be required to complete a claims form and return it to us, together with a nominal deposit and a copy of the guarantee. Should the reinspection be abortive, your deposit will be retained as payment of our costs.  Alternatively, if there is a reoccurrence of dampness, decay or infestation, in areas covered by our guarantee, and there is a fault with our recommended treatment, the deposit will be refunded and any remedial works carried deemed necessary by us will be carried out in accordance with our recommendations, without charge


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