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Dry Rot
Dry Rot

We specialise in all Dry & wet rot preservative treatments, timber replacement works and wood boring beetles eradication.

Serpula lacrymans is the wood rotting fungi that cause damage to timber referred to as dry rot. It is a basidiomycete in the order Boletales. This fungus has the ability to rapidly colonise sites through unique and highly specialised mycelium which also leads to greater degradation rates of wood cellulose and can cause major structural weakness to building fabric.

The most common species of wet rot is Cellar Fungus (Coniophora Puteana), however there are a different types of wet rot fungi and could initiate attack to all timber present within the property, were the moisture content is high. This form of fungal decay that is caused by the combination of water ingress, lack of ventilation and timber being in contact with wet substrate.

We offer treatment solutions to these problems and many others.Our fully qualified PCA (CSRT & CSSW) surveyors will will discuss your timber problem with you & provide you with a quote and recommendations.

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