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What are the causes of damp issues?

The majority of damp caused in homes is a result of poor maintenance, a lack of adequate ventilation and often in older properties, high ground levels can result in the lack of an effective damp proof course.

Modern properties often have very little natural ventilation and combined with multi occupation and poor use of heating can result in condensation damp.

Older houses may have been constructed without a damp proof course or those built with one, may find this is no longer effective due to changes in ground levels, damage from building renovations or often with properties built on sloping site and hills, the older damp proofing measures are no longer working well enough to meet our modern day standards.

The most common causes of damp in the home are:

  • Leaks
  • Defective rainwater goods
  • leaking roofs
  • Condensation from poor ventilation
  • High ground levels

Are your treatments guaranteed, if so how long for?

Yes, we guarantee all of our damp proofing, structural waterproofing and timber treatments. We will provide details of the guarantee once we have inspected the property and provided our solution.

Our damp proof courses are guaranteed for 20 years. We provide a 10 year guarantee on tanking and waterproofing. Our woodworm and dry rot treatments are guaranteed for 20 years.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of the London and Surrey, Middlesex, along with some parts of Kent and Essex. If you wish to know more about the services we provide in your area, don’t hesitate to call.

How much will it cost to fix my damp problem?

Every damp problem will be unique is terms of the extent of works required and the size of the problem / damage that has been caused.

If you wish to obtain a guide price and know the areas that are affected by rising damp, use our damp proof estimator calculator to cost.

Do I have to accept all of the work you recommend?

No, but we strongly recommend that you use us for all specialist work, including and especially the damp proof plastering system, which, if not done exactly to our specification, could invalidate our guarantee.

Your are also advised to always use reputable, qualified contractors for all other aspects of work you need.

How long do I need to wait to redecorate after walls have been damp proofed and replastered?

Non vinyl emulsion paint can normally be used after approximately 3-4 weeks. Impervious type wall coverings such as vinyl and washable papers or paints should not be used until walls have fully dried out.

Full drying out may take up to one month for each 25mm thickness of wall. Drying times are dependant upon various factors such as the ventilation provided during the drying period, the room temperature and the extent of dampness initially.

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