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Dry Rot Image

Dry Rot

7 January 2021

When wood processed in buildings has a moisture level of more than 21% for a prolonged period of time, it is likely for fungi to grown on and in this moist food. The most prevalent wood harming fungus in the…

Diagnosis And Methods Against Rising Damp

Diagnosis and methods against rising damp

7 January 2021

The presence of water in masonry structures is one of the most relevant problems affecting architectural heritage all over the world; it consists in the movement of water through a permeable material whose water content is non-uniform. This presence may…

The WoodWorm

The WoodWorm

7 January 2021

Woodworms are insects that feed on wood and, more specifically, cellulose and belong to the order of Coleoptera. The woodworm's mouthparts can chew through most types of wood used by humans both in construction, and for artistic purposes. For this…

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